Give to the ministry at Emmanuel

Giving & Stewardship

One of the simple truths of Christianity and a core value of our denomination is that everything we have is God's. We are only stewards. We can see that truth played out in Genesis 1 as God calls Adam and Eve to be stewards over the Earth that he has created. As we grow in our faith, giving becomes a natural part of our obedience. Perhaps you have heard the word 'tithe' before? It is a concept from the Old Testament which refers to ten percent of what we earn, and today many Christians use the tithe as a guideline while remembering the truth in 2Cor 9:6 -

'The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully."

So, what is the difference between our three giving options? I'm so glad you asked.

Ministry Fund

Our ministry fund is another way of saying our operating budget. This fund covers everything from our mortgage, utilities, and staff to our programs like Youth group, Kids ministry, and Worship. Giving here allows our church to grow and achieve our goals each year.

Mercy Fund

Giving to the Mercy Fund creates a budget that allows our Deacon Team to give generously to others in need. When significant financial struggles arise, when families are dealing with loss and need help with meals or childcare, when people find themselves with a practical need they cannot meet on their own, the mercy fund allows our church to intervene.

Mission Movement Fund

One of the defining features of our denomination is a deep commitment to Mission work. We send International workers to different countries to spread the gospel, we connect with local partners to bring the light of the gospel to the homeless and those battling addiction, and we contribute to the Great Commission Fund of the Alliance, which supports hundreds of missionaries around the world. Your gift here helps bring the Gospel of Christ to areas that you may never go.

No matter where you decide to give, we thank you and commit to stewarding every penny toward expanding the kingdom in New England, our country, and beyond.