Leadership Teams

Meet our Elders, Governing Board, & Deacons!

Meet Our Elders

Our team of Elders and their wives are available to pray with you at the front of the church every Sunday. If you need prayer for anything, don't hesitate to reach out or to find them on Sunday.

Meet our Governing Board

Our Governing Board stewards the financial and physical campus resources of the church in a way that accomplishes the mission and vision of Emmanuel. They provide leadership and counsel in the areas of facilities, finance, and legal issues. The Governing Board consists of the Elders mentioned above along with these additional five leaders:

Meet our Deacons

This incredible team of seven Deacons are here to help you! Their primary responsibility is to contribute to a loving, truth-telling community of relationships where practical and visible needs are being met while hearts are being changed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. If you need assistance, prayer, or support, please reach out to us by clicking here. The deacons consist of the below seven leaders along with Steve DeSantis and Toni Toma.